Problem Solving-Out Of Box Thinking

Problem Solving-Out Of Box Thinking

Today's business environment is faster, more fluid, more competitive than ever, in these challenging times, you need to be the #1 solution provider in your company - to solve problems with confidence & clarity.

Solving problems in a creative manner can be the key to a more productive and satisfying life for executives and managers in organisations. While problem solving is not easy for most people, it does not need to be a journey into the unknown.

Creative problem solving is an art form as it is a scientific process. It requires creativity, intuition, imagination and evolves around thinking beyond the scope of the norms or ‘Out-of-the-box’. It also requires careful analysis, diagnosis, and step-by-step planning.

EnhancingU courses have been specially structured to include interesting, workable, extraordinary techniques to enable you to break out of your comfort zones & think creatively.

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